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Re: Problems booting from SATA in a HP DC5750 (ATI SB600 ?)

On Mon, Apr 02, 2007 at 05:19:05PM -0300, Joao Carlos de Lima Roscoe wrote:
> Dear Srs,
> I've just suceeded performing the base install from an etch snapshot CD1,
> in a HP DC5750, which uses an ATI SB600 to provide SATA.
> I had to choose "Native IDE" in the bios settings do install properly
> (other options are "Legacy IDE" and "SATA" - not the case, I have only
> one HD).
> The install went well - no glitch, and grub was put on MBR, as usual.
> However, during boot, the machine reports a lot of errors:
> *****
> ata2: SATA Link up 1.5 Gbps (SStatus 113 SControl 300)
> ata2.00: Configured for UDMA/100
> ata2: EH Complete
> ata2.00 exception Emask 0x40 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x800 action 0x2
> ata2.00 (irq_stat 0x40000001)
> ata2.00 tag 0 cmd 0xa0 Emask 0x40 stat 0x51 err 0x20 (internal error)
> softresetting port
> *****
> The pattern above is repeated 20 or so times, then boot proceeds and 
> succeeds!!!
> Once up, the box runs ok, as far as I could evaluate.
> I've been googling around but could not find anything useful so far.
> Has anyone seen something like this? Any hints?
> Thank you in advance,

Well it's an ATI chipset, so well, not surprising.  There was some
recent patches on the kernel mailing list dealing with SATA issues on
the SB600.  I don't remember if they are in 2.6.20 or will go in 2.6.21.

Usually having to set the bios to anything other than native
SATA/enhanced/whatever they call the setting that does no emulation, is
not a good sign of having the right working drivers.

I think the debian kernel team has experimental 2.6.20 kernel packages
that you could try to see if it is any better.

Len Sorensen

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