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Re: Youtube on non X86 platforms.

On Wednesday 18 April 2007 12:27, Rob Andrews wrote:
> There's nspluginwrapper as well. I'm trying to work out if and how I can
> get it working on non-amd64 machines (I have a ppc machine as well as
> amd64, so I'd like to get it working on that as well).

You'll have a job, because nspluginwrapper is just a wrapper for x86 binaries 
which have been linked against 32-bit libraries.  A PPC machine can't run x86 
or amd64 binaries at all, never mind what libraries they're linked against -- 
and if you had the Source Code for the plugins in the first place, then you 
could just compile them for the target architecture with no need for any 
fancy wrapper code.

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