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Re: Youtube on non X86 platforms.

On 18-Apr-2007 11:44.45 (BST), A J Stiles wrote:
 > > There's nspluginwrapper as well. I'm trying to work out if and how I can
 > > get it working on non-amd64 machines (I have a ppc machine as well as
 > > amd64, so I'd like to get it working on that as well).
 > You'll have a job, because nspluginwrapper is just a wrapper for x86 binaries 
 > which have been linked against 32-bit libraries.  A PPC machine can't run x86 
 > or amd64 binaries at all, never mind what libraries they're linked against -- 
 > and if you had the Source Code for the plugins in the first place, then you 
 > could just compile them for the target architecture with no need for any 
 > fancy wrapper code.

Yes, I am quite aware that powerpc machines cannot run x86/amd64 code :)

However, nspluginwrapper uses qemu to emulate the plugin environment on
architectures where the binary cannot be natively executed. This is noted in
the "features" section on the homepage:

    "* Run Linux/i386 plugins through QEMU on Linux/ppc platforms"

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