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Re: New problem with an hp CD5750

On Sat, Mar 31, 2007 at 12:35:01PM +0200, storm66@club-internet.fr wrote:
> I have always some problems with the HP dc5750. After installing
> "wildly" the system (by copying a Knoppix 32 bits CD on the HD).
> The system runs, slowly..., even X and KDE are OK, but I encounter a new
> problem.
> Ths disk is deadly slow :
> hdparm -t gives 1.43 Mo/s !!!!
> on an 23 years old Amiga 2000 running Linux I get 3.4 Mo/s
> so 1.43 Mo/s is quite a pain.
> I want to compile a new kernel with only the needed modules , eg a
> better disk driver, and no unused modules. The problem is that I can't
> get a working kernel on the machine, the kernel does not boot with a
> panic "does not find the disk ... append a correct root=... ".
> I try with a 2.6.20 kernel, take the 2.6.19 config found in the Knoppix
> install and a make oldconfig. The kernel compile is OK but panics while
> booting not finding the boot disk. 
> There is something which does not work properly with the disk
> driver  ... 
> Any help will be appreciated.

Usually less than 2MB/s means you don't have DMA enabled, which usually
means you are using the wrong ide driver or have a bad configuration
somewhere.  You can check the settings in /proc/ide/hda/settings or
whatever your HD is.

As for installing knoppix that way, I have no idea.  knoppix is a
tolerable live cd but I would hate to have it as my normal use system.

Len Sorensen

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