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Re: Weired things on Dual-Core AMD64

On Mon, Apr 02, 2007 at 06:33:21PM +0200, Hans-J. Ullrich wrote:
> At the moment I am running the stock kernel. It is 2.6.18-4-amd64. A selfbuilt 
> kernel crashed sometimes at bootup. I changed nothing but kernel-timer from 
> 250Hz to 1000Hz. This might be the problem (there was another post relating 
> to this behaviour by someone else.) The stock kernel is running fine.

Well I have a realtek card that I am playing around with.  I have
managed to connect and such but last I played with it the speed dropped
to something awful not long after connecting.  There have been driver
updates since though so I should try again.

> Most of the users use ndiswrapper, but I am not a friend of it. Formerly I had 
> broadcom, which ran fine with native drivers. The support by the vendors of 
> wireless cards is sucking ! Meanwhile I checked a little bit more and 
> discovered the problem either at madwifi-tools or the drivers itself. It 
> might be an initialisation problem. It is fancy: Doing /etc/init.d/networking 
> twice ore three times does the trick. The madwifi.driver does not see the AP 
> each time, so it does not get the dhcpleases.

Yeah I think I will stay away from ndiswrapper.

> I never had problems with it so far. Maybe it is on Intel-cpus , I always use 
> AMD.

CPU doesn't matter.  Video chip and X driver does.

I buy whichever CPU is currently best (which has been Athlon and Athlon
64 for a long time, but is now the Core 2 Duo).

> BTW: I managed to get a new Brother printer (printer+scanner) running in 
> debian-amd64. It is DCP-115c aka MFC-210C (including some others , too). To 
> do this, I had to rebuilt a redhat-package for 64-bit and add an entry 
> in /etc/udev/libsane. It was a little tricky. I could write a little how-to 
> for debian-amd64. There was none in the web, only for I386. The printerpart I 
> could not get running on debian-amd64, but I could not find out, why. Maybe 
> it is a simple problem of rights or the driver is incompatible (it is a 
> binary) with 64-bit. 
> So, please leave me a note, if this howto is interesting and someone likes to 
> make it popular for the community.

Not sure.  I don't liek all in pnes personally, and I despise brother
products (past experience with their laser printers was too painful, not
to mention their idiotic fax machines).  I am tempted to buy a xerox
phaser 6120N since it is a nice colour laser, with good print quality,
native postscript level 3, and ethernet connection for under $400.

Len Sorensen

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