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Re: Weired things on Dual-Core AMD64

On Sat, Mar 31, 2007 at 03:49:56PM +0200, Hans-J. Ullrich wrote:
> I just got a brandnew notebook with AMD64 X2 cpu. Formerly I had a single core 
> AMD64 cpu. Running the new one, I dicsovered some new things. Maybe you can 
> solve this or even explain it.
> 1. The easy thing: On websides, animated gifs or pictures are running twice as 
> fast as they should. Maybe this is a konqueror related problem. Does someone 
> discover this, too ?

There have been problems with some chipsets (mainly ATI, but also a few
nvidia ones) where the system time would run at double speed.  I believe
it was caused by an irq routing issue (acpi/bios bugs mainly it seems)
which caused the timer irq to be received twice, which made time move at
double speed.  Newer kernels seem to have fixed that.  Which kernel did
you install?

> 2. The one, I am looking for a week now: It is not possible, to get my Atheros 
> AR5000G card running at startup. The card does never see the accesspoint at 
> startup. Strange: When the system is up, makling a "/etc/init.d/network 
> restart" let it work. Where is the difference to the startup sequence ? I 
> could not find. Any help is preceated.

No idea.  I still haven't had much luck getting wireless to work with

> 3. Last there is a wish: Is it possible, to activate the logo at kernel-start 
> in the stock kernels in the future ? I like those TWO penguins at boot !
> Yes, natuarally I could build my own kernel, but it would be nice, if they 
> would be in the stock kernel, too. I do not see any technical problems with 
> it, or are there any ?

I find framebuffer drivers screw up so many X drivers, that they aren't
worth the hassle.  And I hardly ever reboot (I guess laptops might be
rebooted more often than a desktop).

> 4. Just a general question, not amd64-related: module-assistant makes a link 
> to the kernel-headers, not to the kernel-sources itself. I do not quite 
> understand the differnce between the kernel-headers and the kernel-sources. 
> Can someone explain the difference between the two ones for me, and what 
> policy Debian is running ?

The kernel headers package contains the configuration and header files
matching your current kernel.  The kernel source contains unconfigured
sources (which include headers).  The configuration part is rather
important when building modules to match a kernel.  And when building
other things you only ever need the headers, since the source files are
only used for building the kernel.  Hence the need for kernel-headers
package and no need for kernel sources.

After all you don't need the sources to libc to compile a c program,
just the standard c library header files.

Len Sorensen

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