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Re: a few simple questions about AMD64 version of Debian

Paul Brook <paul@codesourcery.com> writes:

> I guess many manufacturers won't claim support for a particular dimm size 
> until they've actually tested them. I'd expect that many/most boards will 
> work with them once they are available, maybe requiring a bios upgrade.
> I've used 512Mb dimms in an old k7 board where the manual where the manual 
> didn't mention anything above 256Mb because they didn't exist when it was 
> manufactured. OTOH I've seen similar vintage p3 boards that don't support 
> 512Mb sticks.

I once heard a comment in a computer store on a similar subject: "A
main board can do many things - it only can't read the manual.  You'll
have to try it out."


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