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Re: a few simple questions about AMD64 version of Debian

--- LeLennartoSorensenlslsorensescsclubwuwaterlooa>

> On Tue, Dec 19, 2006 at 08:29:13AM -0800, Freddie
> Cash wrote:
> > I haven't noticed any desktop-class motherboards
> that support larger than 
> > 2 GB DDDDRIDIMMS But I don't follow desktop-class
> hardware too closely.
> > 
> > The TyTyanhunder K8S/K8SR/K8SD Pro (S2882) server
> boards that we have here 
> > (pushing two years old) support 4 GB ECECCDDDR>
DIDIMMsgiving a total of 32 
> > GB RAM (8 slots) (not that we've put in more than
> 16 GB yet, 2 GB DIDIMMs
> > are expensive enough).  These are beautiful
> boards, using AMAMDnd VIA 
> > chchipsetshat are fully supported by FrFreeBSD
> Linux, and Windows XPXPK3.  
> > I have yet to find a nicer server board out there.

I agree about Tyan, though the staff refused to talk
with Linux users, which I did not appreciate much). A
warning: with my S2895 Thunder K8WE on amamd etch I
had problems with Maxtor HD for hard work (parallel
computations with MPMP for several days
uninterruptedly Alternatively one of the two HDs
crashed after some hours work, though it was
reconstructed on the way by Linux-driven raid1; the
calculations suffered heavily, however. On restarting,
everything was in order, until next crash, however.
Mouw (The Netherlands) sorry, don't remember the
correct spelling) suggested that that series of Maxtor
might have problems with the nForceh chipsets on the
Thunder, corrupting memory. He also suggested not to
waste time in trying to fix the problem with the
released firmware by MaMaxtor. Mouw was correct: since
I replaced Maxtor with a couple of WD Raptor, no more
problems. Mouw's advice saved a lot of time, because
one could have tried to fix memory problems (hard
affair) while there was none from my several ECCC
Kingston. That of HDs was an expensive replacement.
The additional good point is that Raptor are fast,
very fast. But MPMPQC is good, it writes very little
on disk, so that probably no much gain from Raptor
from this viewpoint. Additional money: changing to
Raptor I had to buy a 1500VA APC in order not to burn
the Raptors, and I installed a 5 inch fan just in
front of the two HDs. Hope this story may help
motherboard users for heavy work. 

I must add that there are motherboards for more than
two dual-core opopterons. They are very attractive for
parallel calculations. However, in addition to the
cost of the motherboard and the dual-core opopteron,
one has to expect heavy bills for the electricity
company. Already two of those CPCPUs become expensive
for heavy work.

francesco pietra

> Buffered/Registered DIDIMMsre different.  Not the
> same thing.  Different
> rules entirely.
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> Len SoSorensen> 
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