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R: .bashrc

Title: R: .bashrc

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Da: Koen Vermeer [mailto:k.a.vermeer@tudelft.nl]
Inviato: mer 29/11/2006 10.28
A: debian-amd64@lists.debian.org
Oggetto: Re: .bashrc

Op wo, 29-11-2006 te 09:42 +0100, schreef frapietra@alice.it:
> Where should environmental variables be set to be accepted at boot in
> order to launch an application from anywhere from terminal window as
> root? I tried moving .bashrc (where the env variable are written) from
> my home to either

The direct answer to your question would probably to set the setuid bit
of those applications and set the owner to root. This is not very safe,
however. Somewhat better may be to install sudo ('run application as

>Yet a better way may be to try to explain which programs you
>want to run as root and why.

You are right, though I have nothing to hide. I have setup a pivot_root install of knoppix, which provides a quasi-debian and which I use on other people hardware when visiting institutions, lijke recently in the South Seas. This saves the burden of a notebook and costed 115 euros only. If op hardware has at least 1GB ram, applications run faster that on true debian on the same hardware. Now, having broken the X system on etch (following upgrade, dropping in version mismatch), and having met difficulties in reestablishing it, while attempting to solve the problem, I use that pivot. One of my small computational application (mol mechanics) requires env variables to be launched from terminal window from anywhere. Placing a script saves the burden of writing the env variables each time.




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