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Kernel 2.6.19-rc4 custom debian package

Dear friends,

Because of several daily freezes under AMD64 + nvidia, 
I decided to make a custom 2.6.18-rc4 Debian package.

I followed the normal procedure:
* Download 2.6.18 kernel and patch agains 2.6.19-rc4
This is done by patch -p1 < patch.txt
* cp /boot/config.xxx /usr/src/linux
* make gconfig (and save)
* make-kpkg kernel-image --initrd 
* make-kpkg kernel-headers

After kernel installation and reboot, the freeze *** seem to dissapear
***, as I could copy three DVDs of DV content to my hard disc.

Just a few questions:

* How do I enable console debugging in the kernel. I heard it was
possible, after a crash, to hit a few keys and display an error message.

* What 64 bits kernel flavor should I choose? Debian chooses standard,
but I have an Athlon64x2. Should I choose Athlon64 type?

If people are interested, I can publish my kernel debs. But I doubt it
is very interesting, as it is so easy to build a custom package with

Kind regards,
Jean-Michel Pouré

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