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Re: LVM root?

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On Fri, Oct 13, 2006 at 10:07:29AM -0400, Lennart Sorensen wrote:
> You can only add drives to raid5 with a good hardware raid card I
> believe (fake raids generally suck at raid5 since it is rather cpu
> intensive and needs a dedicated xor engine).  Raid1 is simpler, and is
> all the boot loaders currently support (since with raid1 the disks are
> identical, the boot loader just ignores raid and reads from one disk).
there is code in the kernel to do just that and even though it is marked
experimental i've read on this list that it works...
though it is time consuming, especially when the system is under load...

> I always think if you are on a limited budget, stick with your current
> machine until you can afford to buy something worth your money.  My main
> machine is an athlon 700 with 768MB ram and a lot of disk space (running
> raid1 on everything).  I have a mythtv system with an athlon 1700+ with
> a pair of 120GB SATA drives running raid1.  The time it would take to
> reinstall a machine and restore from backups is worth an awful lot more
> than a few dollars for a second disk.
a full restore of one of my machine (acctually my mothers) took me 2
hours... (fucked up libs)...
and that only because i didn't have a live cd handy and no internet
connection so i had to do it with what i had avalible on the initrd...
i typically don't charge more then say 30€/hour (the disk new disk i
installed a few weeks early costed aboubt 60€)...
and most of the time i was just reading a book besides the machine
(which does not mean don't do raid...the machine does raid1 for nearly all 
data besides some more or less temporary files (they don't count...this
system _will_ most likly crash with a faulty disc since for the
reason of availability, 2 ide disks run on the same channel)


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