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fglrx 8.29.6 and Xorg 7.1.1 :: ABI major version mismatch


fglrx 8.29.6 claims to support Xorg 7.1

But I cannot get it work because of the following error:

(II) LoadModule: "fglrx"
(II) Loading /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/fglrx_drv.so
(II) Module fglrx: vendor="FireGL - ATI Technologies Inc."
       compiled for, module version = 8.29.6
       Module class: X.Org Video Driver
       ABI class: X.Org Video Driver, version 0.7
(EE) module ABI major version (0) doesn't match the server's version (1)
(II) UnloadModule: "fglrx"
(II) Unloading /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/fglrx_drv.so
(EE) Failed to load module "fglrx" (module requirement mismatch, 0)

Does anybody know how to fix that?


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