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Re: Installer Profiles

Hans-J. Ullrich wrote:
Hello maintainers and developers,

this time I call to you, cause a political question. What do I want ?

Well, when installing Debian at the first time, at a special point, Debian is asking, which profile shall be installed. There is the choice "Desktop", "Webserver" , ""Printserver" etc. IMO these profiles should be made more precise, as when choosing "Desktop" , you get always Gnome as the windowmanager. Yes, I know, it is your choice, but what I mean is, that there should be the chance for the user, to choose another windowmanager at installation i.e. KDE, Fluxbox, XFCE or whatever he likes. (Most of the people will choose Gnome or KDE, I think).

I do not know, if my meanings are in your policy. However, if you are willing to change "tasksel", I would like to offer you my help. As I am no coder, I could make a list with the needed packages for some profiles, if this will help.

Do you (the developers and the maintainers) think, my thoughts are worth, to think about it ? If not, o.k., just forget it and apoplogize my noise. :)

Best regards



That will be great, chossing your favorite kind of Desktop like XFCE or Fluxbox, or simply Gnome (like me), but i just think that Developers & Manteiners use the information provided by package called the Debian Package Popularity Contest which allow them to know, obviuosly, which packages to include in the firsts Debian CDs.

This package sets up a cron job that will periodically anonymously submit to the distribution developers statistics 'bout the most used packages on the system, and this helps making decisions such as which packages should go on the first CD; Also, it helps improving can improve future versions of the distribution so that the most popular packages are the ones which are installed automatically for new users.

So i guess the thing is not up to them, it's up to the information provided by the Popularity-Contest. I agree with people who wants KDE to be included in the first CD, but doing this involves taking out some other packages, so i'm not sure if it's up to them. I just hope they don't take out Gnome ;)

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