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Re: Installer Profiles

Użytkownik Santiago R. Lunar M. <santiago.lunar@gmail.com> napisał:
>That will be great, chossing your favorite kind of Desktop like XFCE or 
>Fluxbox, or simply Gnome (like me), but i just think that Developers & 
>Manteiners use the information provided by package called the Debian 
>Package Popularity Contest which allow them to know, obviuosly, which 
>packages to include in the firsts Debian CDs.
>This package sets up a cron job that will periodically anonymously 
>submit to the distribution developers statistics 'bout the most used 
>packages on the system, and this helps making decisions such as which 
>packages should go on the first CD;  Also, it helps improving can 
>improve future versions of the distribution so that the most popular 
>packages are the ones which are installed automatically for new users.
>So i guess the thing is not up to them, it's up to the information 
>provided by the Popularity-Contest. I agree with people who wants KDE to 
>be included in the first CD, but doing this involves taking out some 
>other packages, so i'm not sure if it's up to them. I just hope they 
>don't take out Gnome ;)

I agree to the above, but Debian is also distribured on DVDs, and the KDE
is present on the first DVD, so if the choice can't be available on the CD
distribution because of the lack of the disk space then it's ok, but when
installing from DVD the choice should be available.
Moreover, there is also the netinstall...

I know that the Debian installer for Etch is not finished yet, but in the final
release it should allow the user to choose which desktop env to install
(of course from those available on the used medium).


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