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Re: K8 Mainboards Linux compatibility list

On Wed, Sep 13, 2006 at 10:02:20PM +0200, tomek.fizyk@op.pl wrote:
> It turned out that the ALSA was wrong configured (as I mentioned in previous
> mail). On both systems I use snd_intel8x0 and both kernels are in 2.6.17
> version.
> And one more thing. Does anybody know if the snd_intel8x0 supports
> 8 channel sound (7.1)? My card has 8 output channels but I haven't
> any occasion to check if all of them are supported by the driver.
> I have doubts because in a mixer program that I use (kmix) in
> "channel mode" combobox there are only three positions: "2ch", "4ch" and
> "6ch". I am sure that my card has 8 channels - there 4 audio output jacks
> and 2 audio input jacks. Besides it is well documented in the MB's manual.

Well I know alsa supports many of the ac97 chips, but whether it
supports yours fully, who knows.  You can always try it out and see.
Newer kernels may include newer alsa versions with support for more

Len Sorensen

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