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Re: [POLL] To continue 64 or not?

Andrew Robinson wrote:
Well I made the rough decision last night and switched back to 32b.
After reading some benchmarks it didn't look like 64b was going to
benefit me much. This is a home desktop computer so the 32b will fit
me fine. Just a shame to give up the extra functionality.

Perhaps in a few years I may try 64b again when more libraries and
software bundles are packaged as 64b. Until then I thought that it
would be nice if things "just worked". I maintain a couple of
slackware boxes, and it would be nice to finally have one box that is
extremely low maintenance.
32bit may indeed be the way to go for you - for now.
I still recommend using a 64-bit kernel, while having everything else

First, you get a small speedup of the kernel itself.  This is hardly
noticable as the PC shouldn't spend much time on the kernel anyway.

Much more important is that the 64-bit kernel can hand out more
memory to the processes than a 32-bit kernel can, because it hides
itself outside the 32-bit memory range that the applications live in.

This could make a difference if you have 2GB or more memory,
the difference between swapping and _not_ swapping can
be felt sometimes.  Of course, only if you have a process
that need so much memory.

Helge Hafting

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