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Re: future of ATX?

dtutty@porchlight.ca wrote:
Slightly off topic but I'm soon going to be making a new computer (my
first in 12 years) and will be using AMD with Debian.

The standard board/power/box form-factor has been ATX for a while.  Does
anyone see anything else on the horizon?  I plan to buy a good case and
power supply with excellent cooling for long life.  If theres a new
standard soon to replace ATX then I'll wait and get that;  if not, I'll
stick with ATX.
There is mini-itx, and I believe there is a board that
takes an amd processor.  Of course it is not going
to replace ATX, no way.  Nice if you
want something really compact though, and don't need
multiple pci slots. . .

Helge Hafting

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