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Re: which package to play DVD's ???

> I do NOT find any mention of "copy protection" on the three (3) DVD's
> that I am trying to play.
well CSS (which is realy actually more an encryption then an copy
protection) is seldomly mentioned but you will find very few dvd to buy
(not self recorded) that do not use CSS). there is a package for
libdvdcss though in the mentioned archive below (but be aware of the
patent and dmca isussues involved with that lib...)

Not to mention Fair Use, but consumer rights never entered into the
argument, which should tell you what the MPAA is really after.

> What do you think?
well, i personally user xine-ui or mplayer from
deb http://www.debian-multimedia.org sid main

works like a charm for me

and for me.

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