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(Soved: for now) Re: Asus motherboard hangs in X

Russ Cook wrote:

Matthew Robinson wrote:

Try changing the driver in xorg.conf to 'vesa'. This will be much
slower than the binary Nvidia drivers, but if it works, youve found
your problem.

Thanks Matt.  I have changed the driver to Vesa, and so far I can't make
it crash.  I am now upgrading from stable to unstable (amd64) and
downloading a current smp kernel.  If all stays stable (pun intended), then
I'll ask the experts for suggestions regarding graphics boards and drivers.

Thanks much,

If the vesa driver works, the open source 'nv' driver, may also work.
Its nvidia specific, but not as good as the official binary nvidia
drivers. As far as I know, nv performs much better than vesa, but much
worse than nvidia.

No, I started the whole process with the open source 'nv' driver.  I will
try it again after this upgrade completes, but 'nv' is what I was using for
several weeks before finally trying 'nvidia' which did not help, either.

Thanks again.

Well,  I am now successfully running amd64 unstable.  The nv driver was
installed by default, and as before, caused my system to hang from X apps.
I have changed the config file to use the vesa driver, and now I can run
without crashes.  Thanks to those who offered help, especially Matt.

Next question, I'd like obtain a quality graphics card with hardware acceleration for use with the flightgear flight simulator (the primary
reason for building this system).  Can the kind folks on this list provide
suggestions of boards that are successfully running on this board?

Again, my system is Asus A8N32SLI Deluxe, AMD64 4800+ dual core,
4 GB Corsair TwinX ram (to be reduced to 2 GB due to MB ram limitations).

Thanks again,

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