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Re: Re: [POLL] To continue 64 or not?

I find this whole discussion interesting. I have been using Debian
unstable AMD64 for 3 years now. I currently have Ubuntu (32 bit)
installed on another partition (as a back up for those rare times when
I have upgraded and lost X or had some other temporary problem). I
have been thinking about switching over to 32 bit full time for a few
months now. Unlike a lot of you this is not a workstation, but a home
server and media center - web and file server, music and video server,
print server, mythtv computer, etc. I don't care about flash so much,
but I would like to use realPlayer, the WMV codecs, wine, Picassa etc
(all available for 32 bit) I find it is a pain to set up and maintain
all of this in a chroot (and some  things don't work in a chroot
anyway). I figure that for my uses there is no difference in
performance with 64 vs. 32 bit, but I always thought I should at least
support the AMD64 community.


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