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Re: [POLL] To continue 64 or not?

>>>>> "Robert" == Robert Isaac <rjisaac@gmail.com> writes:

 Robert> That leaves you with two reasons to have a 32bit chroot,
 Robert> hardly a headache but it is after all your choice. Myself I
 Robert> have been using a 32bit chroot mainly for the video codices
 Robert> and wine since before the release of Sarge and have not had a
 Robert> single problem that wasn't my fault not to mention having the
 Robert> best of both worlds, which is what the AMD64 architecture was
 Robert> designed to provide.

Question: How did you setup the 32 bit video codacs? Do you use the 64
bit mplayer or the 32 bit mplayer?

Both, the 64 bit mplayer is installed in the 64bit environment along
with the 32bit in the chroot with w32codecs from the debian-multimedia
repository, also in the chroot.

When I find a video that doesn't play 64bit native I open the 32bit
version.  For the sake of expediency I suppose it would be better to
simply use the 32bit player and web-browsers, but opening and closing
programs once in a great while does not disturb me in the least.

Thanks for any help.

Not a problem.


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