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Re: Debian AMD64 - any 32bit compatibility?

Użytkownik Gnu-Raiz <Gnu-Raiz@midsouth.rr.com> napisał:
>I mean almost all the software that one needs is able to run in amd64
>with ia32libs.

yeah.. "almost", and that's the problem: "almost".
To tell you the truth, I have also an i386 version of Debian installed,
because I sometimes need it (for compiling programs for i386, etc).
But this is no solution unfortunately - I need 64bits for my scientific
calculations. The chroot is far more comfortable than restarting the system
every time I wan't to write sth. in oowriter.

So again thanks for help!

Anyway one can't forget that many programs are still unstable in 64bits
(every GTK+ based app I use under Debian AMD64 crashes regularly
with out a noticable reason. the same apps in the same versions run on
Debian i386 work with out any problems, eg. firefox, xine-ui, etc, and as
for xine-ui - when I had FC4 AMD64 installed it behaved just the same
way as under Debian AMD64. under Debian i386 there are no problems)

What I think about this all porting of ooo, flash, and other software to amd64 is that the programs were written badly and have problems compiling to 64bit binaries (I am a programmer and when I started to use
64bits it turned out that my well working code is not compatible with
64bits - I just used sometimes two datatypes for operating on one variable. The datatypes were the same in 32bit env, but differed in
size in 64bit env - this caused random segfaults).
The software developers now have a lot of work to do to change the
code and that's why we must wait so long to use their products in 64bits.
(Or maby they just don't care about it and don't do anything at all? - that
would be extremely stupid...)
Maby I'm wrong but this is my opinion.


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