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Re: Debian AMD64 - any 32bit compatibility?

tomek.fizyk@op.pl escribió:
Hi. How to use 32 bit programs in debian etch testing amd64?
When I want to run any 32bit application that uses external libraries I get an
error message telling that the libraries cannot be found. And I don't know from
where I can get the 32bit compatibility libraries for my debian.

For example I cannot use 32bit openoffoce.org and the unofficial 64bit one sucks.
There are no 64bit java and flash plugins for firefox, and I cannot run 32bit firefox,
because of the lack of 32bit compatibility libs:(

Other distros (eg. FC, I used it once) have compatibility libs. Even my graphic's
card's driver vendor (nVidia) gives 32bit compatibility OpenGL libs with their
64bit drivers.

Are there any system-basic 32bit compatibility libs for 64bit debian?? Where to get 'em from?


In case of Firefox you can use Swiftfox. It's the same Firefox but optimized for AMD64... It works perfectly

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