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Re: OpenOffice in chroot -- fonts?

Andrew Robinson wrote:
Tried using xfs. I have more fonts now in open office, and the "Andale
Mono" is now available, but that didn't help

What is interesting, is that the fonts are correct in the actual
contant (in oocalc, the fonts in the cells are fine). It is only the
windowing fonts (menu bar, dialog text, etc.).

I'm wondering if it could be a gnome or kde config issue inside the chroot.

Where do the font settings come from in the chroot (KDE, gnome, xfce)?
Outside of the chroot I am running XFCE with KDE support enabled.
Well, you ran the software at a time when few fonts were available,
so perhaps it defaulted to hopeless but available fonts. Now it doesn't change
automatically just because you made better fonts available.
The document look changed because the app tries to load
correct document fonts each time you open a document.  And now
the fonts are there.

You will probably have to change the font settings for the app(s)
in question - I don't use gnome/kde so I don't know how.

Helge Hafting

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