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Re: Debian AMD64 - any 32bit compatibility?

Użytkownik Helge Hafting <helge.hafting@aitel.hist.no> napisał:
>tomek.fizyk@op.pl wrote:
>> Hi. How to use 32 bit programs in debian etch testing amd64?
>> When I want to run any 32bit application that uses external libraries I get an
>> error message telling that the libraries cannot be found. And I don't know from
>> where I can get the 32bit compatibility libraries for my debian.
>> For example I cannot use 32bit openoffoce.org and the unofficial 64bit one sucks.
>> There are no 64bit java and flash plugins for firefox, and I cannot run 32bit firefox,
>> because of the lack of 32bit compatibility libs:(
>At least you can have 64-bit java in a webbrowser - use
>the konqueror browser.  It works works with available
>64-bit java because it does _not_ need the nonexisting
>"64-bit java-plugin for browsers" It interfaces directly
>with java instead, without a plugin.  And it works with
>java test websites - I don't use java much otherwise
>so I don't know how good or bad it might be.
>Helge Hafting

>At least you can have 64-bit java in a webbrowser - use
>the konqueror browser.

Thanks, I did not know about that.
But there is another problem with Konqueror (maby only for me it is a
problem) - Konqueror is much less configurable as a web browser and
therefore harder to use. Or maby I just could not find some options?
Eg. couldn't find out how to globally turn off password remembering.
Besifes using the same app to browse my own computer and the net is
not very comfortable for me:(

Tomek Kazmierczak

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