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Re: Debian AMD64 - any 32bit compatibility?

On Wednesday 30 August 2006 00:18, Gnu-Raiz wrote:
> I think the real question should be what programs don't run with
> ia32libs, that can only be run in 32 bit chroot?
> I can only think of two really Open Office 2, and Firefox with flash
> plugin. Mostly the later because of the flash player. 

I think a lot of users will want to add mplayer with the w32codecs and acrobat 
reader (and the plugin for <insert browser here>) to that list.

> I thought the amd64 howto was very good about telling user's how to
> setup a chroot. I mean if you have installed Debian you should be
> able to setup a chroot following the directions.  Heck if you
> partitioned a hard drive with parted and created your mount points
> it shouldn't be hard to figure out.

The HOWTO should be updated wrt the the do_chroot script and the use of 
dchroot/schroot. The do_chroot script doesn't really work well in the form 
it's presented there, if you use arguments for your script calls.

Kind regards,

Jan (a new happy AMD64 + chroot user)
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