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Debian AMD64 - any 32bit compatibility?

Hi. How to use 32 bit programs in debian etch testing amd64?
When I want to run any 32bit application that uses external libraries I get an
error message telling that the libraries cannot be found. And I don't know from
where I can get the 32bit compatibility libraries for my debian.

For example I cannot use 32bit openoffoce.org and the unofficial 64bit one sucks.
There are no 64bit java and flash plugins for firefox, and I cannot run 32bit firefox,
because of the lack of 32bit compatibility libs:(

Other distros (eg. FC, I used it once) have compatibility libs. Even my graphic's
card's driver vendor (nVidia) gives 32bit compatibility OpenGL libs with their
64bit drivers.

Are there any system-basic 32bit compatibility libs for 64bit debian?? Where to get 'em from?


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