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Re: amd64 situation in Mirrors.masterlist

Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> writes:

> A quick look at what Mirrors.masterlist says about mirrors carrying
> amd64 finds a lot of probably wrong information:
> * 154 mirrors listed as mirroring !amd64, but having all other arches. This is
>   probably wrong for most of them ... it's definitly wrong for the couple I
>   spot-checked.

That will only be true for sarge in nearly all cases. Etch/sid should
have amd64.

> * 69 mirrors listed as mirroring only amd64 and one or two other arches.
>   Probably correct for most of them.

That will be only true for sarge and they should only list sarge.

Should the master list ignore the "sarge has no amd64" issue and just
list amd64 for mirrors that have it in etch/sid?

Or should there be two entries for every mirror, one for sarge/!amd64
and one for etch/sid with all archs?

On the same note, should the sarge/amd64 mirrors get removed in
preparation of stable/etch having amd64? Iirc sarge D-I needed a
patched list for amd64 anyway to work right so there is not even a
point for those entries for a sarge point release.


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