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amd64 situation in Mirrors.masterlist

A quick look at what Mirrors.masterlist says about mirrors carrying
amd64 finds a lot of probably wrong information:

* 154 mirrors listed as mirroring !amd64, but having all other arches. This is
  probably wrong for most of them ... it's definitly wrong for the couple I
* 69 mirrors listed as mirroring only amd64 and one or two other arches.
  Probably correct for most of them.
* 65 mirrors listed as mirroring some list of archirectures that does
  not include amd64. Such as mirroring only i386. Probably right for many
  and wrong for many others.

Would someone like to go through and fix all this in Mirrors.masterlist?
Bonus points if you fix the archive lists to be accurate for all other
arches too. Super bonus points if you don't do it by hand like I did,
last time I did it. :-)

(In case you're not familier with Mirrors.masterlist, it is here:
And it controls what mirrors users are shown for their arch in d-i,
amoung other things.)

see shy jo

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