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Re: Broken applications: Openoffice on AMD64

Je 2006/07/20(4)/14:07, Joost Witteveen skribis:
> I've been using a 64 bit OOo for a couple weeks now, and have been quite
> pleased with it.  There's a working AMD64 port here:
> http://people.debian.org/~rene/openoffice.org/2.0.3/amd64/

That's the 2.0.3-1 version, released 2006-07-01, right? That must
be the same version announced here: http://openoffice.debian.net/
where it's described as: "Note that they sttill are not usable; 
for example saving doesn't work..."
Now, my uses of OO usually don't include saving anything, but I do
imagine that to be important for some people.

(I run debian-amd64 on a server, where I have no need for OO, so I
haven't tried it myself). 

Or does saving generally work, except for some exotic file formats like .doc?

Groetjes, joostje
005608398914893a14f10ab33944162d  -

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