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Re: ROX-->Session-->Family!

Gnu-Raiz wrote:
On Thursday 20 July 2006 11:57, stalbert wrote:
Gnu-Raiz wrote:
On Wednesday 19 July 2006 18:51, stalbert wrote:
Gnu-Raiz wrote:

I use rox-filer all the time, sid amd64, and it is part of the
distribution. Rox-session is not. I choose to
use .xsession and that works fine for me.
For pinboard backgound I just right click on the pinboard and
drag & drop the pic i want.
for directories, from a filer window, I right click on dir,
select  `set icon` choose `for all files of type etc` and drag
& drop the .png I want for directories.restart xserver & job
done. Is rox-session really worth bothering about?.
I might try that the information that is on the wiki's and
other information is not very clear about what arch is used. I
do use Rox-session with Freebsd and use Flux-box as the window

I have used Wallpaper in the past to change the background, and
I use to keep a file of pictures and change them out. I also
had a bunch of various icons pictures so I could have all the
cool looking icons I wanted.

Are you able to drop like mpeg2 or avi's on your xine icons, or
mplayer icons to start playing movies, or clips?  I just love
that ability, it saves so much time then having to mess with
cmd line, or start up mplayer, or xine.

Right now one of the problems keeping me from running
Rox-session is a python-dbus dependence, which I have not been
able to track down. I will do a follow up post to update
everyone on the progress.  I will sure try out the options of
what Rox-filer has to offer, maybe I need to read the man
pages, and documents for Rox.

I am using rox-filer 2.4.1 which is what comes with the debian
distribution. It just works
out of the box with apt-get install rox-filer. In that case all
dependencies are automatically resolved.
You are using rox-filer from somewhere else, in that case you
have to resolve all dependancies yourself.
Just install via apt-get.
for window manager I am using sawfish.
jpeg bmp xpm png tiff and even svg all work fine. avi and other movie formats do not.


I am using testing,the filer is included in etch so I had no problem installing that. Also zeroinstall was fine as well due to the fact that it had a .deb as well. After doing some reading all Rox-Session does is manage sessions between your Rox-Filer and your Window manager. In other words it sets up Rox-Filer, as the file manager and will put a entry in your gdm, as ROX, or in kdm puts an entry as custom. It also allows you to log out of the session, and choose a window manager to use with Rox-Filer the next time Rox-Session is run. Since you have put the needed lines in your .xsession I guess one does not need the Rox-Session. After playing with it a little, you could do everything you needed just with that. I need to study the manual as I need to setup starting programs like KDE does so when you log out of your session you don't need to restart every program you use all the time. I thought their was a way to do that with some of the options, but it did not turn out that way.

Olaunch is pretty cool, I don't have it installed on my bsd machine, but it's fun to play with it on my etch system. I am just so amazed at how fast it is, I have a laptop that would really benefit for it. That will be my next sub project when I get more time.


sorry I did not get your point on drag & drop properly. My underlying system is very
much a gnome one. Under the hood rox uses the gnome drag and drop protocols
and it all works fine. That may not be the case for kde system, I have never tried. So yes drag any file to the appropriate icon and programme will start up and run
with that file.
Any programme I want to run at start up I just put suitable line in my .xsession file.

If you want to run a debian system then I most strongly recommend that you use apt-get or a package manager such as synaptic or aptitude to install packages. Dependency management is a major feature of a debian system. You can get a .deb package from an rpm by using alien or from somewhere else and the .deb will install but dependencies etc will not be managed.
have fun

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