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Re: failure to start kernel k8-smp

* Francesco Pietra <frapietra@alice.it> [2006:07:11:15:56:12+0200] scribed:
> If this is the situation, I hope that a suggestion will come whether to 
> unistall (I still have the generic kernel)
>  linux-image-2.6.15-1-amd64-k8-smp
> and install
>  linux-image-2.6.16-1-amd64-k8-smp
> should it exist. Why replacement does not occur on 
> #aptitude upgrdade
> ?
> If I am not alone having problems, or the problems I reported seem to be 
> caused by the OS system, this is a situation to clarify. One does not come to 
> 64bit to run applications that can be run at the same level of efficiency at 
> 32bit (personally I'll never install such applications as kde gnome 
> openoffice, etc at 64bit, or 32bit chroots or ia386 (although lib32 are 
> installed by the system against my will!) as I have my old pc for that). One 
> comes to 64bit for the floating point and the precision.
> Until a clarification and a path to follow I must sadly say that I am stopped 
> with quantum mechanical calculations.

What do you get with the following?

    COLUMNS=200 dpkg -l 'linux-image*' | sed 's!^....!!;s! .*$!!' | grep ^l

Simple deduction indicates that your problem has three (3) possible root

  [1] memory[leak?]
  [2] kernel
  [3] application

IMHO, the simplest to change, and to test, is [2].

What do you think?

Best Regards,

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