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Re: nvidia video drivers

On Mon July 10 2006 01:55, Jo Shields wrote:

> It only "doesn't interfere" because at this moment in time, it doesn't
> use XOrg7 file locations. Once nVidia change that, then random files in
> /usr will get overwritten when running the installer - which
> correspondingly will break the X installation, especially when the
> packages owning the overwritten files get replaced.
> In the ~12 months I spent loitering in #debian, almost every broken X
> installation happened to people for whom "the nVidia installer always
> worked for me".

I have upgraded to sid and I have the nvidia modules installed now by "m-a 
auto-install nvidia" and they work as expected but because I have manually 
edited xorg.conf "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" won't save the files anymore 
because they have been modified.

Is there some way I can get back into a state where I can run that command and 
save those files? I want to run that to get the question about best 
resolution etc. Now that I have the nvidia.ko working the look of the desktop 
needs some adjusting.

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