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Hi Karl
You wrote

>You need to turn the raid off in the BIOS - you set up raid during install - 
>create matching partitions on the drives and then create the raids.

Actually I setup raid1 smoothly on Tyan KWE 2895 from the debian installer, 
seeying only one virtual partition instead of the physical two, for each 
partition that I setup, as it should be. Installation of kernel on / and all 
other base components in other partitions, followed also smoothly. Grub on 

I did not pay attention to the bios, assuming that it was not set for raid 
(which raid should have the bios been setup to if there are so many varieties 
of raid?). Do you think that the bios may now interfere with software raid1 
by debian 64?

I am waiting for security updates, for compiling the kernel for my cpu, and 
for debugging (by OPs) a pre-application that is needed in my computations. 
Therefore, I have not yet checked the machine carefully. Any suggested test 
to the raid1 purpose?

Thank you and cheers 
francesco pietra

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