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Re: Tyan Europe

On Sunday 28 May 2006 14:02, Karl Schmidt wrote:
> Francesco Pietra wrote:
> > Any experience with Tyan Europe technical support
> > (support@tyan.de)?
> >
> > I posed a question to the above address about raid1 support by
> > the mainboard Tyan KWE 2895. The question was unanswered.
> Tyan USA blew off a recent question as soon as I mentioned Linux
> (the question really was particular to Linux) - they apparently
> don't see Linux users as important to support. - That being said,
> they do better support than most MB providers.
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That all depends of what you term as better support, and how 
important you are as a customer.  The more boards you buy, the 
better response you will get.

You might want to check out the forums at 2cpu.com, I would go their 
first to do research on the problem. Most of the time they will 
have heard about the problem then follow that up with customer 

A lot of people are using Iwill, or even SuperMicro boards with 
great success. Like Iwill are using digital vrms and the board 
quality is very good.  As far as customer support concerned I agree 
that most companies need more training in that department.

I don't think I would buy another Tyan board, I got burned on a mp 
tiger which I am typing from now. I personally would try 
Supermicro, or even Iwill as I would keep my boards for many years, 
component quality is of the upmost importance to me.


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