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Re: Which AMD64 installer iso to use?

Francesco Pietra wrote:
This is further confusing me. I reported last night to this list of successful (up to the stage of partitioning disks, when I had to delay the process because it was getting too late and I was unable from manual partitioning to get the tool for partitioning) installation of amd64 debian testing with Tyan K8WE with two dual 265 amd opteron starting from installer as downloaded yesterday from

I wasted over two weeks trying to use the testing installers from that page. Right now people would be better served if the links for the AMD64 installer images on that page were removed.

The daily builds from this page seem to be built from some automated script - the files in the base directory of the iso image keep getting updated, but according to /etc/lsb-release they are not close to current.

Someone somewhere needs to realize that there needs to be a working line of AMD64 D-I releases available from debian.org - and the name of the ISO image needs to refer to a build date or rev number for the install reports to have meaning.

In the mean time, the following image seems to work on the Tyan S2865 MB and I suspect it will also work with the Tyan S2877 MB.


This image has the ability to run an even more recent kernel when in expert mode!

I did a Raid1 install on jfs - so far so good - unfortunately ltp (The Linux Test Project) is not available for sarge (might be a AMD64 issue?). Anyone have any recommendations of what tests to run to shake down a AMD64 sarge server? (I did run bonnie++)

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