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Re: X700 + fglrx + debian-amd64 + xorg7.0 = running ?

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Greetings Hans and everybody,

I have an HP Presario zv6000 series (zv6201cl to be exact) which has an
ATI Radeon XPRESS 200M 5955 (PCIE) video chip. I was able to use the
proprietary ATI driver (fglrx) up through the 6.9 version of xorg. I
never could get the ATI Control feature to work although it installed
without complaint. I don't know about 3D effects having no applications
(games?) that required such. I was satisfied with the screen resolution
of 1280x800 that is native to the "widescreen" LCD monitor (13 inch;
333mm). The only other xorg (<=6.9) driver that would work was the VESA
driver which produced 1024x768 resolution - horrible!

I am running sid/unstable as I assume you are also. So, when the update
to xorg 7.0 arrived, I found the old proprietary driver did not work.
Actually, many things did not work. I had to do a completely new
installation (separate /home partition so I lost nothing there). The
move to the official Debian mirrors took place about that time, so I
don't blame the disaster on the xorg upgrade alone. Never the less, when
I got the new installation running, I found the ATI stuff (binary and
source) would not work. So I was without a GUI for a week or so until
the xserver-xorg-video-ati ( module became available.

xorg 7.x is apparently excuciatingly modular. Actually, I think this is
the greatest thing since sliced bread. Unfortunately, the transition
left me hanging out to dry for a week or ten days.

The xserver-xorg-video-ati does not do 3D effects, so if that is what
your are seeking, you will have to pursue the fglxr proprietary driver,
at least for now. I do hope the xorg people (and the rest of us) can
convince the ATI leadership that FOSS/GPL is the way to go.

Grüße, fgd

Hans wrote:
> Hello all, 
> does anyone got Xorg7.0 and ATI Card X700 (or similar) with ATI´s "fglrx" 
> driver running ? I do, but without acceleration. Does anyone have 
> acceleration got working on a pure 64-bit-system ?
> If yes, I would like to see his entries in xorg.conf.
> For me the driver works only without the kernel-module. If I start with the 
> kernel-module (this one starts fine), my screen becomes blank. 
> I suppose, the proprietrary driver part is 32-bit, the built one kernel-module 
> is 64-bit. So tehey will not play together. Could that be ? 
> (My ATI-driver version is 8.24.8)  
> Best regards
> Hans

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