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X700 + fglrx + debian-amd64 + xorg7.0 = running ?

Hello all, 

does anyone got Xorg7.0 and ATI Card X700 (or similar) with ATI´s "fglrx" 
driver running ? I do, but without acceleration. Does anyone have 
acceleration got working on a pure 64-bit-system ?

If yes, I would like to see his entries in xorg.conf.

For me the driver works only without the kernel-module. If I start with the 
kernel-module (this one starts fine), my screen becomes blank. 

I suppose, the proprietrary driver part is 32-bit, the built one kernel-module 
is 64-bit. So tehey will not play together. Could that be ? 

(My ATI-driver version is 8.24.8)  

Best regards


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