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Re: APC (American Power Conversion) APC BACK-UPS RS 800VA

On Mon, May 15, 2006 at 04:29:09PM +0200, Francesco Pietra wrote:
> I forgot two possible problems: it deals of a workstation for very heavy 
> computation (quantum mechanical), not a server. Although I'll benefit of full 
> property (not having to share cpu time with colleagues, such as in the 
> institution) it will be at the very low limit to accomplish part of my tasks. 
> Therefore, what about the usb connection to the APC apparatus? usb makes use 
> of the cpu and because of this it has a bad repution in our quarters (read 
> scsi by far preferred): how much it will detract from the performance?

Basicly nothing.  There is so little communications between the UPS and
the system.  I think you are looking at maybe 30 or 40 bytes of data per
minute typically.  Unless the power fails the UPS really doesn't have
anything new to say so it says nothing for the most part.

> Second problem: voltage surge from lightnings, which may occur because the ws 
> will also run unattended. As far as i know, back-ups do not provide any 
> reliable barrier. I remember vaguely that any computer should by default be 
> provided of varistors to block voltage surge from lightnings. Is it correct? 
> In particular do you know if Enermax case has bu default real varistors and 
> efficiently connected (there were once upon a time controversial views how 
> many varistors, how coccected, and if they are real or not).

Well APC claims to insure your connected equipment against damage caused
by lightning.  I hope that means they have good enough protection that
they don't have to pay that very often.

What the power supply does I don't know.

> I hope these questions are of general interest. They concern the safety of 
> expensive machines and extensive work by the user.

Len Sorensen

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