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a beginner user


  I have a AMD FX64 machine and I want a Linux OS on it. I tried to install Suse 10 but it turned out to be unstable. It would reboot itself when I ran some program on it. And that's why I changed to Debian since people said it is more stable. However, the installation did not seem to be as easy as that of Suse. So I am wonder if it is appropiate if I ask some installation question here.

   I first burn two DVDs and for some reason it did not work. Then I burn a net install CD and boot with it. I got the basic installation done! But After rebooting, when I tried to install other things, I can't get the network working. I tried different mirrow sites, they all failed. So I guess it is someting wrong with my config.

   Actually, what I need is simply. A network and a windows manager (KDE) so I can run some program like Matlab. The machine is at University, so the network should be fine. I just don't know how should I config it. I think I should use dhcp.  It seems to me that I need to make the internet work at first, then I can modify the sources.list and install other things.

  Would someone give some clue on how to do it? Thanks in advance.



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