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Re: AMD64 port on a Shuttle ST20G5


I have a running st20g5 with debian etch:
-- you have to install debian on ide disk -- cause sata_uli is not inside   
-- kernel params "noapic acpi=off" 
-- setup sata raid on in bios
-- if you like you could get a special debian package with kernel 2.6.15 with 
    sata_uli inside, if you install this you could remove "acpi=off noapic"
-- the uli code are buggy in the kernel tree, detects only disks 
-- you need to update the bios from www.shuttle.com

-- I'm working on ati fglrx driver, seems will run soon

I hope uli will drops better code to linus
mit freundlichem Gruss -- regards


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