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Re: AMD64 port on a Shuttle ST20G5

Thomas Drillich wrote:


I have a running st20g5 with debian etch:
-- you have to install debian on ide disk -- cause sata_uli is not inside kernel -- kernel params "noapic acpi=off" -- setup sata raid on in bios -- if you like you could get a special debian package with kernel 2.6.15 with sata_uli inside, if you install this you could remove "acpi=off noapic" -- the uli code are buggy in the kernel tree, detects only disks -- you need to update the bios from www.shuttle.com

-- I'm working on ati fglrx driver, seems will run soon

I hope uli will drops better code to linus
Thanks for the info/help! Actually I am using an IDE drive, but I do not remember if I disabled the SATA in the BIOS or not. I'll try that and see what happens. Do you think disabling the SATA will do the trick? Also, are you using the built-in ATI? As far as I know, the most recent BIOS upgrade is ft20s018, which is what I have.



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