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Re: iTunes in 32bit chroot?

On 1/11/06, Dean Hamstead <dean@bong.com.au> wrote:
> dont forget 'gtkpod' for all your ipoding needs. except buying
> music... but thats what the cd store is for ;)

Thanks for the suggestion, but I am OK with using my Powerbook to sync
my iPod. I have my music on an NFS share on the Debian server and
access it from the Powerbook using iTunes. What I would really like to
do is be able to use iTunes on the server as well with the same
playlists etc. The server is mostly used as a media center and home
file server. I record and watch TV shows from the computer etc and
have it hooked up to a nice set of speakers. THAT is the main reason
why I want to use iTunes with the server rather than my laptop - it
would make it a complete media system. Now I use xmms or rhythm box,
but the playlists are too much of a pain in the ass to try to recreate
all over again. (I have over 80 GB of music.) Also Rhythm box is
incredibly slow starting up (because I have so much music). I usually
use xmms, but for some reason when I create and save a playlist it
won't open in xmms afterwards anyway (wants to open in rhythm box!?)


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