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Re: Openoffice 2.0.1

Emmanuel Fleury wrote:
> Mickael Marchand wrote:
>>well, the only thing I heard about having a native OOo on 64 bits was :
>>"it' s just a dream, stop thinking about it" for months ;)
>>so I am really amazed, it seems you did a really good job :)
> Wow, don't over-estimate me !!! 8-o
> The people from Openoffice.org did the whole work for the 2.0.1 !!!
> I did just glue the things together to make the Debian source archive
> compile. In total, I must have had to fix three or four bugs.

well, you dare doing it :o)

>>well, I haven't seen any bugs yet so it looks like a really good job,
>>I did not even expected it to fire up when I started the build :) (hence
>>my surprise :o) (well, I am not a big OOo user, just basic usage ;)
> Well, this is also what I heard, but nobody did really tried... so, why
> should we believe them ? :)

that was my thinking this morning at 9am :)
"let' s try to see what it gives maybe I can help somewhere ... ;)"
I think I last tried with some post-2.0.0 stuff and it was quite
horrible (full of compile errors ;)
it seems they worked hard between 2.0.0 and 2.0.1, what's funny is that
I did not notice portability improvements in OOo 2.0.1's changelog,
maybe I missed it ...

I believe the gcj people should also receive some congratulations there
too :)


> Regards

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