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Re: Openoffice 2.0.1

Hi Mickael,

Mickael Marchand wrote:
> wow, what a surprise !
> I've built the packages using your patch, and openoffice compile and
> _works_ just fine (I initially just wanted to see what was broken ;)

I find your lack of faith disturbing, Lord Marchand. ;-)

In fact, I have been struggling with these bugs since one month and I
fixed some of them first on the 2.0.0 (which was a bit pointless) but
since I'm working on the 2.0.1, I really had hope to finish.

The patch attached to my previous mail is in the pipe to be included in
the future 2.0.1 Debian package (I've discussed with the Debian
maintainers of the OpenOffice packages). So, when the 2.0.1 will hit the
road it won't be necessary to apply the patch again.

Another thing !

I would suggest to report bugs directly to Openoffice.org, NOT to the
Debian maintainers. They might be NUMEROUS ones and the Debian
maintainers are already over-loaded, so it would help to report it
directly to the source.


> I am currently uploading the packages I've built to a faster server
> (ftp://ftp-fourier.ujf-grenoble.fr/linux/oo64/) so other people can test
> and confirm I am not going crazy or doing some mistake :)

Great ! Actually, I don't have a lot of time to maintain such
repository. Thanks a lot.

> you will need to install gcj-4.1 from experimental to be able to get
> these packages (or maybe it was gcc-4.1, I have both ...)

Ok. No problem.

> thanks Emmanuel for the tip ;)

You're more than welcome. ;-)

> btw, I did not got your error Emmanuel, it just built fine, maybe you
> had an incomplete build laying around before ?

Hmmmm, it must be me... I'm such a stupid git sometimes. :-/

Emmanuel Fleury

Why doesn't anyone listen to me?
  -- C3PO, Star Wars (George Lucas)

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