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Re: missing /dev/fd/0 device nodes

Hi Anthony,

You wrote:

 The /dev/fd link exists on testing. And on sarge. And woody. And
 probably potato before that.

 No idea when it first came into being, but it isn't recent.

 [BTW: If you're using udev, perhaps your udev config is messed up

Didn't do anything knowingly with udev. All I did was to first install 'testing' on a virgin system, changed the sources list from 'testing' to 'unstable', then ran aptitude to perform the upgrade. I then connected my USB printer to this system, added it via the Web to CUPS, tried a test print and found that printing silently fails. After some looking around and enabling debug output in several places it became clear that a foomatic script was failing because there was no /dev/fd/0 file.

So, if 'testing' has this symbolic link, it must have been removed somehow by the upgrade procedure...


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