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Re: new kernel too big for lilo

On Fri, Jan 06, 2006 at 06:22:01AM +0800, zzz haha wrote:
> > After configure, just use these three command to build the kernel :
> > $ make
> > $ make modules_install
> > $ make install
> for a personal computer, and for one who can make menuconfig, i agree
> the debian way does not seem to add too much value.

Being able to uninstall is a big value.  Being able to use module
assistant to build add on modules is nice too (although that doesn't
technically need you to do it the debian way, but it works a bit

The ability to cleanly uninstall is the main thing.  Avoiding accidental
overwrites is nice too.  Auto adding the new kernel correctly to the
boot menu is also nifty.  I sure won't go back to make install again.
Anything that writes outside /usr/local and isn't from dpkg is banned on
my systems.  That's how you avoid having to ever reinstall a system.

Len Sorensen

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