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Re: new kernel too big for lilo

On 1/1/06, Hamish Moffatt <hamish@debian.org> wrote:
> If you do it ALL the Debian way, it's just fine. You should see your new
> kernels added into the LILO configuration automatically, or at least the
> GRUB configuration (preferred to LILO these days).

> Another part of the Debian way is that you rarely need to compile your
> own kernel these days. What did you need to change?

Sorry for the delayed response - just got back from a few days
snowboarding in the Japanese alps!

As another poster mentioned I was compiling a kernel because DMA
wasn't enabled. Another reason was that fancontrol and sensors report
"no sensors found". lm_sensors DOES seem to be working (CPU runs
slower under low load) and with a previous Debian installation on this
motherboard sensors DID work. I figured it must be a missing kernel
option. Unfortunately none of the options I selected seem to have done
the job. (I'll continue this in a new thread.)

Hamish said that there is rarely a need to compile your own kernel
with Debian. I think I must have missed something. Is there a ways to
do a simple 'apt-get install new_kernel'? I did a google search for
something like 'debian kernel install', but all of the hits described
compiling your own new kernel.


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