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Re: Install problem on Supermicro X6DHT-G system

Hi all,

I have made some significant progress! After a million reboots and BIOS changes I found the right combination to get the installer to work. Unfortunately your good comments about how to not reinstall came in after I failed to deduce that myself and wiped the disk. But I have been able to get it to recognize the CD and the SATA Disk. The CD is still on the Slave channel because it has no jumpers to force it to Master and chipset/BIOS seem to want it to be a Slave regardless. But it works so I'm not complaining.

In the BIOS, there is an option to force a channel to be parallel only and once I set this for the CD and set Native Mode Operation to Auto, things got better. I still had to limit the modules that got loaded to eliminate all the devices that I didn't have so I suspect there is a device conflict somewhere in there.

So I'm closing this problem out with a big THANK YOU!

And will start the next issue in a new thread :)


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