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nforce 410 MCP chipset & ne2k-pci error

I am using a kernel.org 2.6.14 kernel on debain sarge 3.1 for amd.
this on a Asrock K8NF4G-SATA2 mob.

i earlier mentioned in this mailing list that my inbuilt network card wasn't identified by linux and told that this chipset nforce 401 is not yet supported.


i plug my realtek ethernet card in the pci slot and modprobed ne2k-pci which says: "no I/O resource at pci bar #0" which i make from the driver code that my pci ioport is disabled. i donot see a way to enable the io port from my bios settings

is this only due to lack of nforce 410 chipset as marked in the reply for the bug, or is it something else?


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